Smart Value

smart value

An exciting new way to validate property value without a traditional appraisal.

We leverage Fannie Mae’s extensive database and analytical capabilities to provide an incredible second-chance opportunity to save money and time on valuation when loans don’t get an Appraisal Waiver (formerly “PIW”).


Eligibility is determined through DU, so there's no guessing or complex guidelines to adopt. A significant percentage will not require an appraisal!


Inspection = $175. A 1004P may be required to validate value, but PennyMac handles that order and covers 100% of the additional cost*


Our Smart Value process can reduce the loan process by several days. The initial inspection is very efficient and typically takes 2-4 business days!

Highlights & Advantages
  • Value validation without an appraisal is highly likely
  • Only Fannie Mae (DU) loans are eligible (DU will inform brokers of Smart Value eligibility using its programmed messaging)
  • Typically within 2-4 business days, property inspections will be completed by a third party service provider (broker will order via West VM)
  • Inspection: $175 (When eligible, this is the ONLY cost for value validation)
  • If an additional desktop valuation is needed, PennyMac orders and pays for a 1004P*
Smart Value Workflow

After running DU. expect the following message if the loan is eligible for the Smart Value process:

DU Message ID 3081: Based on the data provided to DU. this loan casefile is eligible for collection and submission of subject property data to the Fannie Mae Property Data API. After API submission, the loan casefile must be resubmitted to DU for a final determination of the minimum collateral validation requirement.

*Special introductory offer; subject to change.