Why choose PennyMac Broker Direct?


Leveraging process elements that have been successfully deployed within our best-in-class operating platform, we can execute with the accuracy and consistency you need to serve your borrowers — on time, every time. With our static service commitments, you can spend more time sourcing new loans versus dealing with the random turn time delays of current loans.


As an approved PennyMac broker, you will be assigned a Pipeline Account Manager who will proactively address any challenges or issues you encounter with your loans in process. Your Pipeline Account Manager will ensure pipeline surveillance and provide responsive support to keep your loans on track. Support from a technical mortgage expert is never more than a call or click away.


We're committed to giving brokers a better view of the entire pipeline. The launch of our POWER platform will provide real-time updates, notifications, action items and tracking devices, so you can give your customers and realtor clients accurate information with a single click.